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Natural Diabetes Cure

Natural Diabetes Cure

Diabetes Daily Care is a highly effective, natural treatment for diabetes.A natural cure for diabetes should come from within your body.The complexity of diagnosis of natural diabetes treatments is further increased by the various types of diabetes understanding diabetes and symptoms and the exclusive medication required for each type.  

Type 1 diabetes is caused by the inability of the body to produce insulin altogether which results in increased blood sugar levels because insulin aids in the proper dissipation of glucose into the blood. This type necessitates total dependence on insulin injections. The other type of diabetes, type 2 is the most commonly occurring form of the disease. It is caused by the insulin deficiency and the failure of the body to utilize the insulin secreted by pancreas. The stark effect of this is obesity and is easier to control with natural diabetes treatments.

A typical  vegan diet includes lots of:

     Take fresh fruits daily
     Take fresh vegetables
     Take nuts and seeds
     Take soaked grains and beans
     Take sprouts
     Drink fruit and vegetable juices
     Take seaweed
     Drink coconut milk

Diabetic Diet

Fruits, vegetables, nut and dairy products make a good diabetic diet. Raw vegetables are the excellent choice and can be taken in large amount. Cooked food increase the level of sugar in blood stream when compared with unpeeled and raw food. Cooking of the vegetables destroys most of the enzymes and some minerals and vitamins.

Grapefruit, Indian blackberry, banana, fig, apples, pomegranate, cranberries, kiwifruit and citrus fruits are good examples of healthy diabetic fruits. These fruits can be taken as snacks. Radish, carrots, spinach, onion, lettuce, cucumber and other dark green leafy vegetables are good for diabetics. Fruit juices can be taken only in moderate amount but there must not be any added sugar in it. Vegetables of different dark colors are good for triggering the pancreatic function. Sprouted alfalfa and brewer’s yeast are good for diabetics and are vital for controlling diabetes.

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